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        Focus on the production of diesel engine parts and high pressure oil nozzle



        The company has 361 employees, more than 30 engineering and technical personnel, and more than 40 quality management personnel.

        Ningbo Jinyi Oil Pump Co., Ltd.

        Ningbo Jinyi Oil Pump Co., Ltd.(formerly Cixi Jinjin Engine parts Co., Ltd.) is established in June, 1985. We are located in beautiful Hangzhou Bay area, near Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge which is known all over the world in the north and Hangzhou-Ningbo Express Way in the south and also located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone which is a shining star in economics. The primary products are parts and fittings of auto engines and fuel injection oil pumps and oil nuzzles. At present, we have the ability to produce 5,000,000 main products annually with the annual turnover of about 30,000,000 yuan.


        News center

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